Nest box cameras

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So I’ve been very quiet over winter, but things have been happening behind the scenes and are nearly ready to properly move forwards.

Several nest box cameras have been put up, so far there’s a Tawny Owl box and two Blue Tit boxes. These are recording 24/7 and whenever motion is detected by some clever software called iCatcher the footage is recorded. It’s therefore possible to keep a good record of what visits each box and easily follow them throughout the seasons.

Sadly no Tawny Owls as yet, and being one of the first birds to nest each year they’re starting to lay their eggs about now so it’s unlikely any will use it this year. I’ll keep recording through the spring though as often Jackdaws or Squirrels will use Tawny Owl boxes, so we’ll see what happens.

Both Blue Tit boxes have had visitors though. One has had a single bird roosting in it each night for about a fortnight now, I’m hoping it’ll find a mate and use this as a nest site too but you never know what will happen. There has also been a few brief scouting visits by Blue Tits to the other box, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for when nesting starts in the spring. Updates will be posted more frequently to Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with any new developments on there.

I’m planing to put up some more cameras to follow some different species through the rest of the year a bit later in the season.

The other exiting thing that has happened this winter is that I’ve purchased several camera traps for hiring out to people in the PL24 postcode so anyone can see what wildlife is visiting their gardens. More information about how to take part in this will follow in the next few weeks!